Aaron Durbin shared a link to the group: Kawasaki Versys.

For anyone interested, I have a channel on YouTube. I motovlog and talk about all things motorcycle, and life on two wheels. All filmed from my Versys. Please subscribe, comment, share, and most of all...enjoy!

Motorcycling is Dangerous!!:

  • I drive my mighty V through the streets of Bangkok, Thailand everyday. I risk life and limb. The riding culture here is just not the same as in the US. at least there is some respect for a riders personal space in the US, but here riders of the little 100cc crotch rockets here come so close when they pass you by the goods they are transporting get hooked on a mirror or bar caps and down you go. Give respect to get respect just does not go down here.

  • Seeing footage of other riders in Asian countries, I don't think you could pay me to ride there. It is insane. Stay safe my friend.

  • Everyone has a different story - that's what makes the world go round - a good first couple of vlogs on your versys. Hope to see more. I too live in Thailand, you just have to be quicker than the pack.