A while back I read a post here that somebody had a line on Cables and lines...


A while back I read a post here that somebody had a line on Cables and lines for putting a set of ape hangers on a 1500 Drifter. I am in the search and having very little luck. I plan to put a set of Baby Apes 10-11" on mine if I can round up the pieces. Any info would greatly be appreciated.

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  • I re-route my clutch cable when i put my ape on (10 inch or so), all lines and cables are stock.

    800 Drifter though..

  • I have baby apes on my Drifter Bobber. The standard cables fit.

  • Sweet ride! Haven't seen a Drifter bobbed out before. Pretty cool!

  • Have the bars ordered. Now to find a weekend to tear into it and do some re-routing of things....

  • Thanks Matt

  • Hope it all goes smoothly... I didn't have too much trouble

  • Here's mine. Standard cabels. Good luck with your ape hangers.

  • just a heads up.....Drifter cables are a little longer than the classics, etc, They are a Drifter only part.

  • Call Barnett clutches and they can make cables any length you need.

  • I finally got a break after work tonight to get the bars on. Put a set of 12" baby apes on it with the factory risers. No cables or lines needed. The electrical even fits. I had to re-rout the front brake line and fish out a few more inches of clutch line. Removed the line and cable retainer at the bottom of the triple tree. This gave everything just a little slack. No kinks no binds.

    This is a 02 Drifter 1500.

    Thanks everyone for the help!

  • Well done Matt, looking good there.

  • Those look great. I am looking for forward controls to put on mine