A super fast iconic piece of engineering and a plane

A super fast iconic piece of engineering and a plane.

  • Just a few more iconic planes !!!

  • SR71 isn't Brittish engineering...

  • I didn't say it was ...

  • That the Vulcan at Carlisle?

  • Tragic waste getting rid of these.

  • Now they are fcuking fast.

  • No. It's at East Fortune.

  • Oh yes so it is.

    Not far from me

  • Me neither, just up the road. I'm no far from the distillery.

  • I'm over in Fife.

    About an hour away

  • ...and to bury these was a crime:

    https://m.youtube.com/watch?v= klTnfEjvmLE

  • Totties fir tea neebur.

  • Here's a photo I took over 7 years ago

  • I'll post some of my airshow pics later on.

  • All those planes got there inspiration from the Z D model both looks and speed.✈

  • You're totally correct Stephen. What sort of so called fast machine only has one intake?

  • This?

  • That's ancient!

  • That's ancient!

  • So is the Vulcan.

  • I ken that Roland. That's why it's a museum relic.

  • Not quite so ancient.

  • You want to see something seriously old then have a look at this fossil.