A question for those who put on an aftermarket air cleaner I want to delete...

A question for those who put on an aftermarket air cleaner. I want to delete the tubes that go to the valve covers, as well as the one that went to the stock air box. Did you guys just unplug the module that junctions where all the breather tubing comes together and remove it? Also, where did you get your caps to block off the valve cover holes once the breather is removed

  • Do not unplug Temp sensor if there is no hole in your ac backing plate drill one .

  • I put on a Hyper-Charger on my 1500 vulcan should I have removed the butterflys on the carb also.

  • 10-4. Glad I asked, because it's currently unplugged. I'll correct that this weekend.

  • Marty No not on Carb.

  • Thanks Bare Carr

  • Bare does removing the secondaries make a "noticeable difference" I've been debating on doing it

  • Do it you won't be sorry

  • Just do it, you can always put them back in if you choose

  • I know what I'm doing this weekend. Replaced my stock AC with the K&N RK-3928 intake last year and get the occasional popping on decel as described. Thanks for the excellent info.

  • Ya yank those and the solenoid valve but you will have to wire in a resistor or ur fi light will stay on. Also depending on where u live (cold mornings) pull ur secondary butterflies out of there (there are two sets right back to back this will give u much more throttle response but if its cold she gets a bit cranky.