A mate s got his first mot on Saturday at a new place and has his baffles out...


A mate's got his first mot on Saturday at a new place and has his baffles out and a tad worried as only one can be screwed back in. Anybody had a similar experience? Thanks in advance

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  • More than likely put down as an advisory I had no baffles in my thunderace when I bought it and it was marked down as exhaust too loud in advisory box :)

  • Depends on tester I think . I've had mine out on all my bikes over 10 yrs and not been stopped . Used 2 diff garages .

  • Cheers Terry (y)

  • He was reccommended by the local Kwak dealers where he had the bike from so whether that'll help or hinder is anybody's guess. Thanks Kenny

  • When I had my gen one the mot tester said to me he would only fail his neighbours for loud pipes

  • Baffles not in Mot test

  • I never knew that Mark, thanks a lot

  • Don't give your custom to a down the line picky MOT station. They all have discretion but some won't give it. I'm not saying you want your bike with a dodgy MOT - but some are more lenient within the boundaries. I have a 40 year old classic car and emissions could be a massive problem with some, but not a problem with others! Find yourself a reputable station that gives you a little leeway and give it your loyalty.

  • I'm a great one for loyalty Michael, that's why im deserting my usual local as their loyalty is a one way street. There's always £100 extra on a service (which is also involved on the day) above fairly local Kwak main dealers and I'm fed up of bartering each time something major comes around

  • Deffo wrong place for you Pat. If they deal with all their customers in the same way, they won't have any customers, and therefore have to create revenue for themselves by knockbacks and fails for those the newbies they think they can get them from. We are lucky and have many bike MOT stations in our small surrounding towns, all are genuine, but run by understanding lads with respect and passion for the unusual.

  • Self tapping screw

  • So perfectly true , why take it to an mot tester where you know they will fail it on the most minor of things . Im lucky as my mot tester , is really good . Dont get me wrong he will fail it if something is dangerous , but he isnt worried about a small number plate or loud exhaust etc . Usually these types of people are bikers themselves , and only want to be involved with the safety aspect , not doing the job of the police.

  • And exhausts should be 'appropriately' stamped...

  • My tester just says "they sound nice".....

  • I had baffles out of my scorpions last mot and got advisory of exhaust loud so shouldn't be a problem