A little kleem on the menu for today wife s not to happy a little mixture of...


A little kleem on the menu for today wife's not to happy a little mixture of apple cider vinegar n water and patience and the rust just falls off

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  • Are you going to chrome it, paint it, or keep it in the raw Andrew?

  • Either keeping raw or have it nickel plated plating is 240 so not sure

  • That's not bad I just had a FMF chromed cost me 350

  • Does that only work on chromed, I have a FTZ for my LT I need to get cleaned up. Its pretty bad was neglected for a long time.I dont want to sand blast it. I need to get the rust off and get it ceramic coated.

  • Have it ceramic coated and never worry about rust again. Helps dissipate heat and is very durable from chipping from rocks and other objects

  • Thought about it but don't like it don't have a shine

  • This pipe isn't Chromed it's raw

  • Straight cider vinegar?

  • Is fmf a decent pipe for a tecate?

  • I mixed mine 2 parts apple cider vinegar to 1 part water it's best to get big tub and soak for awhile

  • Fmf are great for a big bore not so much on stock bore actually produces less HP than stock pipe on stock bore

  • Back in the day, we took a stock pipe, gutted and smoothed the inside, then welded it back up and ran it for a season of mx races. I thought the stock pipe was pretty darn good!

  • Nice! It's been a while since I've seen a Klemm national pipe.

  • I sure can't wait to see it when you get it plated....very cool!

  • I cleaned the rust out of a 200x tank yesterday with muriatic acid- works awesome in under 10 minutes!

  • That's deff works good to but if not properly rinsed it can keep etching the metal as time goes on

  • Yea it helped me find the weak spots.. this 200x sat out for probably 10 years and started on 4th kick.. HONDA!!