A little embarrassed Was changing the side marker bulbs on my bike today and...

A little embarrassed . Was changing the side marker bulbs on my bike today and dropped one into the headlight

  • I wished I could help ya bud

  • I feel so stupid

  • What do you mean by side marker bulbs ?

  • The parking, sidelight above the headlight

  • I'll have a look on mine tomorrow see if I can think of anything

  • I think I may have to take the whole front off

  • Can you get a graber through the hole to pull it out ?

  • Ian there's hardly any space to get the bulb out of it's proper holder. There's so little room in there

  • I have a long flexible graber that probably do it ! You can get them on ebay for a couple of quid ! Handy thing to have

  • I might just leave it there, bike is having some crash sliders fitted soon so might get the dealer to do it

  • Your main headlights are held on by two plastic holders, if you carefully pull on those it should come off fairly easily, then you should be able to reach in to grab your bulb.

  • If you can get your hand inside a 2015 headlight, then you are a god with magical powers

  • These pulls right off

  • they are a soft plastic cover to keep moisture out of your headlight

  • The bulb has dropped into the headlight

  • bruh, I'm only trying to help you, not give you a hard time, if you can't fit your hand in there, try and see if there are any tools of any sorts than can help you pick up the bulb from out of the headlight.

    Worst case scenario is to take the headlight fairing off, remove one of the plugs, and simply let the bulb come out itself.....

  • Don't. Accidents happen. I'll make you feel better. I was oiling the front bobbins after the first week of riding mine and when I rolled it forward the first time I was on the right side of the bike and the kick stand folded up and I dropped the bike and got two nice scratches. So don't feel stupid over a bulb.

  • Lawrence only teasing dude. It's the little 501 parking light bulb that fell out of its holder into the headlight lense

  • yea, just pull out the main plastic round thing that is holding one of your main bulbs. shouldn't be too hard

  • Cory managed to not drop my old bike in 5 years, but I stalled my V Strom on a speed bump in town and dropped the damn thing in front of a bus

  • Lawrence there is hardly any room in there, I may have to take the whole from plastic off

  • worse case scenerio

  • could try duct tape on something flexible and reach in there and try to grab it with the duct tape

  • DIY

  • Yikes

  • ^Different bike bro

  • Oh sorry,you are right,you are talking about 2015,my bad

  • Got a photo?

  • Thanks Thomas

  • As you probably remember, I did the same thing. Easily done as the bulb is not much smaller than the hole it fits through. You definitely need to take the fairing off to get the bulb out. Not such a big job as it seems. There are instructions in the handbook. Someone suggested attaching a length of hose to a vacuum cleaner to suck the fekker out.

  • I did the same thing with mine. Its a pain in the ars to get back out. I used a small piece of automotive grade two sided tape stuck to the end of my finger. Trying to get the bulb oriented for removal is the hard part.

  • Thomas I can't even get a finger into the headlight

  • With my '09, the fairing has to come off, and small hands are needed. I now see you have a '15, so I have no experience.

  • After pulling out the main bulb, use vacuum cleaner to suck the small bulb !