A little bracket work to get it down and forward and it s good to go 1972 F9...


A little bracket work to get it down and forward and it's good to go. 1972 F9 Bighorn tank.

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  • Marvelous!!!!

  • Nice tank colour, but I find it too short...

  • It's not in place yet, Gerd. It will be further forward and lower when the brackets are modified. The seat too.

  • Please show us the final result. Thanks!

  • Will do !

  • It's going to look really good. I had a couple of F7 175cc enduros forty-something years ago. I''ve always wanted to do a scrambler with an F7, or F9 tank. Really suits the W650, and has the same DNA. Aside from fabbing brackets, is the tank's tunnel a good fit over the W650's frame?

  • Yes, it looks like it will fit fine over the frame. It's just that the original F9 brackets sticks too far into the tunnel. And, the rear bracket has a 30 something downward angle that needs to be altered and reconstructed to fit the original two-hole mount.

  • Will be worth the effort! Looking forward to seeing the completed project, Ståle.

  • Me too, Rocky :)