• A few years ago

    A few years ago...

    • Were you the umbrella girl?

    • Dafuk!

    • Aha........I didn't notice you with the helmet and leather

      It was posted once wasn't it?

    • Yeah so good! Great

    • What place did you finish in? I really like the style tires you have on there. Do you remember what they were?

    • Michelin Pilot Road 3

    • It wasn't a race, just a fun track day.

    • I don't remember posting this one before.

    • Ooh lol

    • Are you 21 ?

    • Yep :)

    • Had that for your age ! Lol

    • Whaaaaattt??? I'm 41!

    • Any photographs during the ride?

    • Somewhere yeah... But this was about 5 years ago and I've just been given this one again.

    • How did it go on track ? I'm out on mine at Anglesey on the 16 with no limits.

    • dont look a day over 21 !

    • Awwwww you just earned a brownie point

    • It was ages ago but I've gone on the track a few times and it's fun!

      I don't 'cause I'm not good enough but I know of others who've touched down with their knees on the Versys...

      Have a blast!

    • ahahah umbrella girl....lmao!

    • I'm going to kick you both on your arses for this

    • <3

    • Hehehehehe