A few 300ft passes from testing this weekend All motor didn t put the bottle...


A few 300ft passes from testing this weekend..All motor, didn't put the bottle on it all day. KX 500 rm250 chassis

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  • Looks slow lol jk

  • Ya, didn't wanna scare all u off so I only ran half throttle for the vid. Lol

  • Lol I want to go run mine thus weekend

  • I did a few more changes yest so I need to get back on it myself

  • Hell yah! haulin some sand! Rippn an twistin that throttle

  • Sanddrags Hawaii


    Bike : stock 04'KX500

  • The launch!

    What psi. Do you like to run in the sand? I had a 19' turbo paddle with 12 psi I would change it around to see if I hook up any better but seemed about the same to me

  • I usally run around 10

  • Ahh cool thankx man !

  • Wow for and old bike and I used to tide one! Still an animal today god bless km 500 always loved.