• A cuppa in hand looking at the Clubman listening to the rain wondering if it...

    A cuppa in hand, looking at the Clubman, listening to the rain, wondering if it will ever ends (sigh)...

    • Cool shoes! Like my fellas.

    • Thanks ;) C&J Islay.

    • Crockett & Jones Boots, he's got Chepstow boot & Pembroke shoe.

    • He can nip into Northampton to pick up a nice pair of Church's shoes from the factory shop…handy :0)

    • Good choice as well... especially the Chepstow..

    • He doesn't wear them for riding though.

    • Too bad... My Islays are perfect for riding (whether horse or bike!), walking my Lab, or any other country activity ! I jump in them as soon as I get back home after a week of hard work in the Big City ! :)

    • He's mainly in he's chepstows, they're brown and he rides in black, except helmet which is black & white open faced.

    • Can't argue with that.. Another spiffy rider !! :)

    • :0) x