A couple of quick questions Has anyone else had the uppermost tabs up by the...

A couple of quick questions . . Has anyone else had the uppermost tabs (up by the clocks) on the Ram air covers snap off due to vibration damage (in my case from the appalling roads) . . granted I am on a 2006 so they are 10 years old . . anyhow question 2 . .

Wanting to respray the passenger hangers to fix the flaking paint . . is Flat Stoic Black really worth the money or has anyone just used a good quality flat black and seen no difference in the final result . .

TIA : )

  • Try electrostatic coating. Way better than the paint...and long lasting

  • Had the same thing with my panels mate. They also cracked round the bolts to.

    I got some exhausts that got rid of the hangers, that got round that little problem :-).

  • Got mine powder coated . And yeah both mine have the lugs snapped off

  • The plastic does go brittle and breaks occur. Plastic welding at a decent body shop will fix it.

  • I may just go ahead with carbon replacements : )

  • cool thanks . . will probably go with carbon replacements . . : )

  • Fair play Forth. That would look very cool!! ;)

  • Carbon looks nasty in my opinion

  • yes I want to do similar if the weather ever clears up long enough to be out working on it! . . lol : )

  • if I can manage without the bike fof a few days while it's done I'll certainly consider that option : )

  • fair enough . . I know carbon is not everyones thing : )

  • Common...you can still use the bike without that part:)) It is wort it ...

  • they are the passenger hangers . . but they also support the exhausts ;)

  • Who needs exhausts? :)))