• I put new bars on this weekend. I'm still "on the fence" with them. Maybe I need to pull them forward/down a bit.

    I also put on new mirrors. The Rivco ones with the built in LED blinkers. I like them.. but they sure are BIG.

    I ran all the wires (including for mirrors) thru the bars.

    I did have an issue with the bar ends, they seemed to flair out just a bit, keeping me from using my Arlen Ness grips. I had to put the OEM's back on. irked me.

    I also took off the Baron's Tac I had mounted on the front master cylinder and installed a Dynojet LCD.

    I need to play around with the placement of the speakers. Not sure I like them like that.

  • they look sharp. I pulled mine back a good bit, as I did mine for comfort. I like the mirrors, at least the concept of the LED blinkers... I've been thinking about doing the grips with the LEDs in the tips. Looking forward to meeting you and your bike in person.. I'm planning to steal your fender cover. :D

  • The fender cover is simply a Mustang Rear fender bib that I had retooled.

  • You need a chrome one anyway