• Do you have a floor Jack for your bike? I was going to get the harbor freight steel Jack but one of the reviews said it barely fits his vn2000.

  • yea, i have that one also Steve. it does barely fit (width wise). This is a wide bike though. I used it for several years and it's worth the money (specially if you use the coupon).

    It's a good little jack, just not the same as a table lift...

  • What did you use to hold the front wheel on this lift? Mine only has a stop plate.

  • I also have the steel floor jack to lift the bike, and I will admit that the bike *barely* fits on it, with only a half inch remaining on each side, and not even a 1/4" of clearance to slide the jack underneath, when the bike is held upright.

  • JC Riggs, it's the wheel chock from Harbor Fright. After coupon, was like $25. It came with bolts. I drilled holes in the table and mounted it. It locks that front end of the bike down really well.. and for only $25 bucks.

    http://www.harborfreight.com/a utomotive-motorcycle/lifts-sta nds/self-locking-motorcycle-wh eel-chock-60392.html

  • I like the table, but it doesn't allow me to take tires off. I'm sure cleaning and oil changes are much easier with it though.

  • I have a friend who has one. He used a small jack and wood blocks to remove the wheels

  • That's what most people do, even the "shops". If you go into one and watch, they have table lifts, but if they want the back tire up, they then use a second small jack and some blocks...

  • I'm afraid to Jack mine up with blocks, I have a nice quick pump car Jack though. It seems like it would be hard to get the balance point with a car Jack

  • Does the wheel chock keep the V2K upright?