• 9 requests to join and 8 accepted. am I getting soft in my old age

    9 requests to join and 8 accepted.., am I getting soft in my old age?

    • Thanks bud!

    • When choosing prospective members I use two different processes, the "NO PHUCKIN WAY!!! and the LETS GIVE THEM A CHANCE!!!" :-p

    • If there was nothing bike related in their profile a definite no but then I always look for the Kawasaki related stuff first

    • Indeed Allan, some members may not always have a Kawasaki but as long as they show a love for the brand, they are as good as Ninja!

    • New to Facebook but I have just added a picture of my baby!

    • Old skool ZX-6R.., nice Nat Smith :-D

    • Very old but I like her :-)

    • Nope, you can always remove people later. :)

    • well you let me in, so the standards must be quite low