89 Kx 500 Fresh rebuild with a 88 mm wisco piston Question What should I do...

89 Kx 500. Fresh rebuild with a 88 mm wisco piston. Question? What should I do with the jetting in the carb? Anyone got any good Jett sizes?

  • All about the elevation you ride at my man. I ride at 5000 to 5500 ft so I use a 52 pilot and a 170 main. When I rode at sea level I used a 60 pilot and o forget what the main was. It was obviously richer to some degree . I think you'll be fine with stock or whatever jet needle is in there . Probably n82 m- t . But you'll want to research it all a bit for your elevation . Stay to the rich side until you are sure where you are in it all. Then fine tune one step at a time .inspect your plug. It's the answer key....

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  • No problem um I'll post you slmething else to look at but it cAn be a little confusing. Better off a little rich that any lean. I'll see if I can find the info

  • Also I don't know what you know or have heard concerning Wiseco pistons. First and foremost ALWAYS FULLY WARM UP A WISECO before going out and giving her hell. Something about the rate at which they expand could cause a seizing. Also I had a brand new Wiseco last year on a rebuild with a la sleeve put in on top . Well the freaking wrist pin bearings disintegrated and pieces of it ended up flattening the plugs electrode and killed the bike. Didnt danage the cylinder thank god but it did put an asspile of little dents in the piston top. The thing is I'm not the only one who's experienced that with a Wiseco wrist pin bearing. Just passing It forward. Good luck

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  • Not a problem enjoy