87 Tecate 4

Almost fully restored. Works shocks all around, FMF Fatty & silencer, Aluminum wheels, +4 Durablue axle & +4 Spacers up front. New clutch, cable, twist throttle, new gasket and oil seal kit included. Bored to 69.5. Also comes with big bore jug. Brand new Maier plastics on back.

$3000 or trade for CLEAN ATC250R OR TRX250R or Raptor 700 ONLY..

Serious inquiries, inbox us.

All ridiculous offers will be ignored!!

  • I have more than 2k into it.. that'd be shooting myself in the foot.. looking for that sweet 250R... I've been getting a ton of offers, but most are cross country...

  • I've got over 8500 in mine doesn't mean I'll get it lol these are just as bad to try to sell as a Lt 250 r just no big money market for em

  • I didn't want to say anything or Joel Little would give me shit...... haha. it's got to be a pretty special T4 to fetch 3k regardless of what you have into it. I'm like Andrew, I'm way way over 10k and there is no way I could even get 6k for mine, unless I parted it out. market won't bare it.. unfortunately

  • We'll see what happens..

  • shit ya brother

  • Derek. Come on man. You know I have nothing but love for all my Tecate brothers!

  • you can make money if you do it right problem is 99.9999% of people don't restore properly then its worth shit

  • I know I just wanted to throw that in for giggles man.....I thought it was good timing....

  • I'm not trying to make a killing- just trying to get a nice 250R..

  • don't blame ya. your quad will make someone happy

  • same $ or a nice trx250r...Paul is hunting this but id prob rather trade.

  • I was thinking the same thing so that's why I kept my mouth shut

  • You both deliver to Pittsburgh and I will buy you your Snappy blasters that you like

  • Come home to me..... I'm sending my Tecate vibes. She will catch the vibe and come home

  • lol

  • PM sent

  • Bring that Tecate to me ;)

  • if you werent so far away we could prob work a trade

  • Weren't so far?? I drove all the way to Chicago just to get a frame

  • Bump