• hows that power pro HP sound Kelvin???

  • ok but could be better it going 2 Bare 2 have his mod done,the hard chrome sound awesome but make u want 2 keep accelerating 2 enjoy the sound,cobras going back on once done,on dyno cobras 108 hard c only 103hp,dont like the loss and now scrapping 2 early on right turns,looks cool at night but rather have the clearance,guna keep them 4 change of clothes on slower rides or got pillion since go slower with someone on back..i think i NEED a second rogue

  • There ya go kelvin. I have to say I love that my new pipes don't scrape! Having a 2nd rogue might make ya feel like ur cheating on her though. Lol!

  • the cobras still scrape just at afaster speed :} am wearing away 5 inch strip at end of exaust but it shitloads of fun doing it..not cheating just twice as lucky as long as 1 didnt get jealous and toss me off..whoops pardon the expression not meant the way any deviants may take that

  • lmfao Kelvin!