7.50 16 bkt on msa throttle

7.50 16 bkt on 16" msa throttle with blue and black rings. 4x137 pattern the are skinny and lightweight. Going a different route

  • John Rowland

  • Road trip

  • He ordered his yesterday lol

  • Kyle Harmon

  • Too small

  • Will u ship?

  • Where to?

  • Thought they were to small lol

  • I'm in IL lol

  • Probably be outrageous

  • I've talked myself out of my original plan..

  • Vitran them ship them to a business a it's cheaper

  • I'm a dealer for msa and bkt, I can see what it would cost to have a set shipped from 1 of there stores if you like. Just pm me the size and I'll be glad to help