5 7 2015



BMCC Vintage 3 hour Enduro - Wedderburn Vic

Come and ride the track where rounds 9 & 10 of the Yamaha Vic Off Road Championships are to be held this year.

This event will run as a 3 hour Pony Express from 10.00am until 1.00pm (vintage rolling 25 years), Pre 91 and Pre 81 classes. The event is open to any configuration of off road bike rego or no rego. Enduro and Moto-X Bikes at this event will ride in the same class, if there is a good response age classes will be introduced, all bikes will run at the same time. Entrants have one bike each that must be from the same class period, although a bike from an earlier class is permitted to ride up a class.

Pre 81 build date up to December 1980, pre 91 build date up to December 1990. If one bike brakes down, both riders can ride the remaining bike.

Single riders that wish to participate in the 3 hour Pony Express are welcome to attend and will be paired up with another rider.

Single riders that wish to go it alone can ride in the Ironman class.

There is a non competitive event that will run for 5 hours from 10.00am until 3.00pm and this class will leave straight after the competitive riders, this class will bypass the check point.

Start - Le Mans start, starting area is wide.

During - Tickets to be punched at a check point at the start/ finish area.

Finish - Flag comes down on 3 hours (1.00pm). Winner is then determined on lead rider with most laps and best time. Due to the track being open competitors are welcome to continue riding until 3.00pm at there own leisure (non competitive).

Transponders will not be used, a tag system will be attached to the handle bars for laps completed.

Entry fees

· Competitive single day MA licence $55 + $35 entry total $90

· Non-competitive single day MA licence $25 + $35 entry total $60

· If you hold a current MA licence, entry is only $35

Camping is permitted on the Saturday night and is highly recommended, great yarns and tall stories to be shared.

Toilet facilities will be on site, NO showering facilities.

A canteen will be open on Sunday with breakfast and lunch available.

Please email bmcc@bmcc.net.au with expressions of interest with your name, age, bike details and class you would to ride, this is to help determine which classes would be best run on the day. The more feedback we get, will best determine classes that can be run on the day.

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