437 for the set anyone using these

$437 for the set anyone using these ?

  • ^ have tried the 55

  • All my other tires I've had on bike were 50 this was first 55 can't really tell a difference I've put about 500$ miles on them

  • Those replaced the pilot 3. I am saving up for a set now

  • Frankie please give after 3000 miles a short statement / report

  • Did you guys catch the GT I went with them instead of the regular 4

  • very good tyre. 169€ by dafy motos seclin France this morning ;-)

  • I have only rode with pilot 2 & 3's and will swap for the 4's if I ever wear these out. Lol

  • Best tire ever

  • Great tires. Had pr3 after I wore out stock metzler m5. Big improvement and feel. Got 13k miles out of tires. Street commuting, twisties, ect. Went to 55 series on pr4. Turns in quicker and faster in corners. Got 3k on this set now and still look new. 55 series has a little taller profile and is curved a little more the 50 series. Awsome gip and stability

  • Got them on my 13 zx14 so far so good way better turning and more traction on wet roads then most tires