3816 members on here but where do all you guys originate from I ll start the...

3816 members on here....but where do all you guys originate from! I'll start the ball rolling....Staffordshire....UK

  • Aberdeen Scotland

  • Frm singapore mate..

  • Singapore!

  • North wales Wrexham

  • On tour in Germany

  • From the beautiful south France, but north italian. My2011

  • Scotland loch Ness

  • Join us at @kawasaki zedriders z1000sx singapore

  • Kansas, US

  • From Israel

  • Uniquely Singapore

  • is that a custom seat? that looks amazingly comfortable!

  • So comfy Mike. I bought it on eBay from Top Sellerie. They're in France. Wasn't cheap 365 quid but worth every penny. I had one on my bandit before. Transforms ur riding as your arse is pushed into the seat. Doesn't slide or move an inch.

  • will have to see how much i can get one to the states for! the factory seat just isnt doing it for me!

  • Wouldn't be much more. The shipping to Europe was around 25 pounds if I remember. They take around 3 weeks for manufacture and delivery. Loads of different designs and colours. They also have a website where you can design your own seat. topsellerie.com if i remember correctly.

  • was just checking it out! thanks for steering me the right way!