Just picked up my first drifter 2001 1500 It s got a 2 up seat with no...

Just picked up my first drifter 2001 1500. It's got a 2 up seat with no passenger backrest... anybody know when I can find one? Any input is appreciated thanks much!

  • Ebay, craigslist, forums, Facebook..

  • You won't find one....

  • verrrrrryy hard to find if you see one buy it

  • I have one, but its black and in new condition its not chrome like the 2001 and newer models . I will take an offer for it if your interested .

  • Can you send some pics of it?

  • Not now its in the shed and will need to get it down and pull a bunch of stuff out to get to it but you can find a picture of one on the Drifter forum and like I said its like new with back pad included. I 'l get back to you later and check to see what they are worth or going for I'd bet over 150.00 easy.

  • Ok thanks

  • If you look at the Kawasaki parts for sale picture there are a couple on the bikes in the picture to the left that are OEM.

  • Ok

  • Josh Smith Having some problem with my AC and lawn tractor. Its almost 90 so the picture will need to wait and I'm getting ready to go on a bike trip . I will try to get the picture up ASAP . If your still interested let me know.

  • Yes I am no real rush on the pics I understand

  • Josh Smith Thank you If the AC wasn't an issue and needed to call my service company also had to get part for Tractors trans needed a belt and need to get that put on before I go.

  • Sounds like you've got ur hands full

  • Josh Smith I have the pictures posted on my page and shows how it mounts to the rear seat bracket . Not included but for you to see how it mounts and its OEM .