34 hours and the first 20 it was brake in been 3 ride now 4x4 don t work check...


34 hours and the first 20 it was brake in been 3 ride now 4x4 don't work check engine light on. Anyone know a good fix for 4x4

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  • Take to a car wash...clean it really good...under seats ....bed ...underneath it...and just let dealer take if ya can't trouble shoot and figure it out...if it's an issue...warranty will take care of it....just had a 2500 bill for top end rebuild on mine...was getting blow by really bad...400 miles....170 hours...

  • Good suggestion....by a foam uni filter....if it has a paper filter in it...even if it's foam...factory is not as good as a uni

  • Hell it's not really dirty right now u can tell it's been used

  • Ima check on that

  • Thats ok though...so did mine...I washed it really good but they still knew...

  • Yeah mines not even a year old

  • Mine came unplugged and I fixed it myself easy fix

  • Did you thet it bad or good

  • I blew out my trans dropped off at shop, had to pull motor, heads,jugs just to split case to work on trans it only cost me 1500 bucks

  • Not tryin to piss u off but you got screwed,

  • Yall hear of a manual switch for these teryx

  • Mying did the same thing. In the front on the diff there are 3 wires located on back of front diff. Take the wires off and clean the inside of the clips and the nipples on the diff.

    My stopped working in the woods and I used a water bottle and small screw driver to clean mud out of the clips. Had no problems after that. Good luck.