32" intimidators on M21 MSA Lok Wheels


Only selling because I'm going to a 36" on 18's. Only had them a couple of months. Paid $1700



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  • They ride very smooth. I am very impressed and will go through anything I have put them up against. That's why I am going back with them just bigger.

  • Where are you located?

  • Thomasville GA 31792

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  • 36 inch on 18. You'll love it

  • I really want these 32's but I am concerned about the weight. How much does each tire rim combo weigh?

  • About 60 to 65. Mine turns them over like they are stock size. I love them just going bigger. I think I have decided to go with portals and 40's.

  • You can come ride mine and see what u think.

  • Please post that up. I want to see that.

    Do you have clutch work? I had laws before the 30 evos I have now and in peanut butter you could hang it up. The wet clutch seemed to slip. Outside of peanut butter and the horrible trail manners they were great. That was well before any clutch offerings as mine is a 2012 T4. I now have a clutch kit from BKP

  • Terms right?

  • I have the VFJ clutch, programmer and muzzy. I haven't seen anything turn that big of a tire over in peanut butter

  • These motors don't have wet clutches unless they changed them and I didn't know about it. I build v twins everyday.

  • Yes they do. Started with the 2012 T4 and in 2014 the T2 adopted it.

  • I got embarrassed by a ranger 900 with silverbacks. He turned them with ease and mine couldn't. You could see mine skipping

  • Yes

  • You won't notice much of difference at all. Turns 32's just fine

  • You may want to get a really big lift with your portals bc 36 barely fit and I can't imagine how much higher I would have to go to fit 40s under there and clear the back. I've got 8 inches of lift and so does this guy

  • Mark my buddy Chip Cain has 32s on his so you can talk to him as well. Turns them no problem his is the green one

  • Well I stand corrected. I have not been in the 2012s and up. I just assumed the insides were the same. So we need to run wet clutch oil in these 14s?

  • So u are saying that a 6" SATV and portals won't clear 40's? Well if that is the case then SATVs info on the site is wrong because it states that it will using both. That's nice units y'all got.

  • I'm not saying they won't fit but with that lift and portals you will two more inches if lift than me and it's just really hard to picture them fitting but if they say it will than I guess it has to haha. If you do it make sure you post pics b c that would be awesome

  • I do have a programmer, muzzys exhaust, and stage 3 clutch kit

  • I am not familiar with wet clutch oil just Jaso rated 10w40 is what it calls for but.....