• WOW.


  • W650/800.

  • it is a W650, it has carburetor

  • Kauf dir mal Sidolin "für den streifenfreien Glanz"

  • Yes, but what tank do u think is that? Custom or from a sr 400?

  • Not a SR imho.

    It miss an indentation at the top where the oil cap usually takes place.

    Don't you think?

  • sides and back are similar but you are right top neck and cap are different.... hmm maybe custom, whatever the case this tank looks superbly match to the w650, very sexy.

  • "Custom tank", that's what they wrote, indeed :

    http://au.deuscustoms.com/moto rcycle/rear-strut-slammer/


  • Nice design...

  • SIDOLIN!!!