24 year old 4 into 2 pipes gave way to 4 into 1 micron sounds lovely


24 year old 4 into 2 pipes gave way to 4 into 1 micron, sounds lovely

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  • scrapped Steven, was done..!

  • That's it, I'm going 4 into 1

  • was a bit apprehensive Keith, but my old pipes were done, was wanting 4 into 2 but nothing about mate, unless spare 450 quid, sounds awesome this micron does...

  • Yeah they are fantastic. Steve Hanna has a Micron system on his and I Love It

  • Hope you will leave the fucking EU.we only can mount a muffler with not removable db-killer due to the new rules

  • ooo that gonna hurt doing italy soon n mines loud

  • To much db is a fine of €420and you can take you're bike for examination and that costs €70.for us dutch over here .foreigners have to pay immediately

  • You could always move here

  • That would be better.everyday whiskey and bagpipes

  • Looks like mine but round

  • No I meant England not Scotland lol

  • I prefer Scotland because its every day Whiskey single malt and a pint.

  • Wise man Mat

  • Removable baffle only £10-£15 on ebay

  • That's what I've got on mine. Sounds great.

  • Baffle...?.... I am baffled ;-)

  • Thanks Kevin.