Here is a pic of my ZXR It has a front end of a ZX 10R 2008 Als the rear is...

Here is a pic of my ZXR. It has a front end of a ZX-10R (2008). Als the rear is of the same year ZX10. ZX-6RR Rearwheel though. Engine is a ZX9 with Wiseco pistons, bored to 950cc and a 4 degree ignition advancer. Al it needs now is a paint job

  • Anton aus Tirol

  • Nice mods

  • That's me

  • Mods turned out very good. Weight saving of about 10kg and better setting options. Engine is 140 bhp and 101 Nm at the dyno

  • Front end was converted in 2006 back in 2010

  • how did you set up the fork for the increased weight of the 9 engine?

  • Its not that different.

  • Weight is not much different. Just did a normal setup and tweeked it when I ride it.

  • ok

  • I just now noticed that this is an older pic, with an 05 ZX-6RR frontfork and the original ZXR wheel.