2015 maverick turbo

For sale or trade (prefer teryx). Make offers/pm me

2015 maverick turbo

FREE - Shreveport, LA (71118)

For sale or trade (prefer teryx). Make offers/pm me

  • Blake Ladner

  • On sent

  • Pm me the specs

  • Why would you trade for a teryx? Just curious, I am a Teryx owner myself!

  • Why on earth would you go from a mav turbo to a teryx

  • I just like the teryx more for my riding style

  • We've got 2- 750 teryx and they r bad a**. May not run 100mph but they tough as nails!

  • Just traded my teryx 4 for a maverick Monday. Their tough but I needed something with a little more power lol

  • And just think, you could've had this one

  • Josh Wilkinson

  • You looking for a newer bike I'm sure?

  • Depends, could be older. What do you have

  • 2008 with one of my stage 2 setups. Big cams. Dual muzzys. Lift tires. The normal

  • Yeah, definitely would want at least fuel injection for sure. Thanks though

  • Yeah you gonna hate kawi fi system from 2009-2013