2004 Ninja 250r It either idles at 1400rpm where i want it or 4000rpm there is...


2004 Ninja 250r. It either idles at 1400rpm where i want it, or 4000rpm, there is no in between and it decides which one it wants. Every time is different. Bike temp has no impact on it. Whats going on?

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  • Sounds like carbs need cleaning

  • Carbs for sure. I had the same issue and after cleaning idles solid at 1000 rpms

  • that'll be fun, i hear they're a pita

  • I got my local shop to clean them. Worth the money for sure.

  • I don't trust any shops around me to work on it haha. I also didn't pay near enough for the bike to want to pay labor rates for working on it. I can work on cars day and night, but I know jack about carbs. Guess it's time to learn

  • I have a 2005 250 and got a great deal on it so I know the feeling but I guess the bike is a passion for me so I don't mind paying for the repairs. If you know how to work on cars it shouldn't be to hard. Just get a copy online of the service manual.

  • I love riding bike, and I traded in my first bike thinking i could get by without, I was wrong lol. I picked up this turd for $700 and I'm trying to bring it back to its former glory, which is interesting on my broke college student budget lol

  • You'll know when she's running right she'll scream and love it

  • She runs pretty good now lol, just doesn't idle worth a crap most of the time

  • Air leaks between the carbs and engine can cause this also.

  • Its very easy and there are loads of youtube videos to help you, any help I can be just say the word, also make sure your throttle cables are not sticking and are routed correctly along the frame.