• 2004 Kawasaki VN2000. 2053cc 125ci. runs strong needs minor cosmetic work

    2004 Kawasaki VN2000 ( 2053cc / 125ci ) runs strong, needs minor cosmetic work. This is actual pic. Nice looking bike runs good, 38,000, $3800.00

    • "2004"

    • Thanks I fixed it

    • Well Patrick, NADA Blue Book says average retail is $4,627 and low retail is $3,509. So it's just my opinion but I would say the $3,800 sounds fair considering that it does need some minor cosmetic work. Good Luck. http://www.nadaguides.com/Moto rcycles/2004/Kawasaki/VN2000A1 -VULCAN-2000-2053cc/Values

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