2002 ZX12R OEM Plastic, Candy Thunder Blue


Selling my full blue plastic kit. I also have dash panels and inner fairings, but they are optional. I'm including the pieces most often damaged. If interested in the optional pcs please let me know.

Very little damage, as follows:

1. Large nose fairing has a small missing middle post on inner right, used to support the headlight assy. Top and bottom posts are intact, so stability is fine.

Also, left ear is cracked behind left mirror mount. Was previously glued. Does not support a load, and is stable when shield is present.

2. Left side fairing. Lower scratches, scuffed above ZX-12R decal. Has partial puncture from inside, behind the "2" in the same decal. Not punched through!

3. Rear seat cowl. Left locating pin is partially broken, but holding. Epoxy would work to stabilize here.

4. Right side fairing. Light heat damage from pipe exit. Hidden.

Damaged areas shown in the pics.

$50 shipping, but I'll refund difference if it's cheaper.

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  • C'mon no one needs fairings? Hard to believe.