200 plus shipping

200 plus shipping

  • Consider it SOLD!

  • I bet Shannon will be grateful ..LOL

  • Derek the check is in the mail.

  • Cool..going to find a box after I leave the gym

  • Derek if you know anyone interested in a set of new forward controls installed for 7 days and repackaged let me know. I will give them a good deal on them,

  • OK

  • The seat arrived today. It looks like it shipped straight from the factory. Thank you Derek I have been wanting one for awhile and I couldn't be more pleased.

  • You are welcome. Glad you like my packing skills lol

  • There was $20 worth of bubble wrap on it. lol. Honestly the box was tore all to hell. It had gashes and holes all in it. I was scared to see how bad the seat was damaged. If you hadn't have packed it like you did it would have been in bad shape. Fine packing job sir!!!

  • cheap Walmart boxes...or usps! Lol..not my first rodeo shipping expensive stuff