• this is my: 2001 kx 500 hillclimber.. it has a 540 big bore kit in it..2012 kx 450 plastic and seat..1985 kx 80 fuel tank..no radiators for extra hp and less weight..super fast bike!!

  • Nice! I bet it goes hard! Is it much playing around to install the 540 kit?

  • nope.. i bought the kit from L.A sleeve.. i have a friend with a machine shop so he bored the stock cyl down and pressed the sleeve in..porting and modifacations to the power valve were nessesary and had to re-jet the carb but it was worth it for me in the long run

  • oh yea.. you need a good strong leg to kick this one!!! ive snapped it all..shafts..cases..kickstarters.. you need good riding boots..learned that lesson the hard way!!

  • Nice! How long before it overheats?

  • in nice weather about 8 min would be its limit..but i only run this bike for hillclimbs and the occasional hole shot across the yard when i feel the need for speed..haha

  • where i live in connecticut..these bikes dont exsist..the trails are rocks, trees, fallen trees..mud..rivers.. the only time you can get out of second gear is on the street!

  • hardcore