• sir did that include the crash guards on those boxes? sweet ride sir

    • yes. I would rather it did not have the crash guards on the boxes or the back, it would look nicer, be smaller and lighter and would have been cheaper. I could not be there when they were working on it, I just had to tell them what I wanted to leave it up to them

    • looks awesome sir , without the stickers, whats the deal with that? hahahaha

    • If you are referring to the dozens of ugly stickers that are on the bike when you buy it, I removed them because they are ugly.

      If you are referring to my bitcoin stickers, this is my website :)

      http://bitcoin-betting-guide.c om/

    • oh no sir i was wondering where i could get your bitcoin stickers, but a friend of mine had his side boxes, slimmer than yours or sir Joseph's, made where you had yours and he drove it up to baguio and we all made fun of the stickers, t a c k y as hell, LOL.

    • I wish I could remove the avenger and bajaj signs on the fuel tanks but can't.

    • cover it up sir.

    • I would consider covering it with a plane red sticker matching the fuel tank color haha

    • bitcoin logo sir

    • Cover it up with eliminator 175 gas tank emblems. About p500 a piece at kawa plant alabang.