138. 00 fully comp for the big Zed


£138.00 fully comp for the big Zed!

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  • Liverpool

  • Your taking the piss.biggest bike theif den in the uk and you get full comp that cheap? No f.....way

  • Mattheu Omahony Rural Scotland, but I'm 54 also

  • Hes 42

  • I can understand rural areas but not citys

  • Yes f--king way an all big city's an town have robbing bastards

  • I knew the racist remarks would appear!

  • Racist? Stop it

  • Mark Davies not all according to insurance companys.apparently as they say some are worse than others.and all that bollex they come up with

  • Well done mate ,thought I was doing OK at £320 with roadside assist and legal ,helmet leathers etc .