I have had by bike for a wile and noticed a squeak at 70 mph when I am steady...

I have had by bike for a wile and noticed a squeak at 70 mph when I am steady on the throttle. I have been reading the forums and the common problem is the drive belt. I took the covers off and didn't see anything obviously wrong. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

  • 4th mark

  • Can you explain. Are you referring to the small window that I can see the belt or the marks on the rear axle

  • Adjust each side of the belt on their rear wheel. Align the mark on the adjusting bolts to the 4th mark from the front. That should.make it pretty close to where you need it.

  • The alignment marks are under the "C"

  • I'll give that a try thanks

  • Make sure they are the same on both sides. Mine was doing that for a while, drove me nuts. Had it at the dealership numerous times. Took it to Bare Carr and it was found and fixed in minutes.

  • Just checked with my local shop. I am taking it to him next week. Hope it's an easy fix.

  • Dan and Jed you are lucky buggers being able to just go to Bare

  • Adjust to the 4th mark on each side. If it still squeals, then adjust in very small increments. Look at rear pulley. If it is running to outside, loosen the right side first, maybe an 1/8th of a turn. It doesn't take much to go from a squealing belt to ninja quiet. Have patience