05 ninja 250 Gas isn t feeding from tank to the carbs I already tested the...

05 ninja 250. Gas isn't feeding from tank to the carbs. I already tested the petcock by hooking a hose up to it and sucking. Any ideas on what the issue could be?

  • Clogged line? Fuel filter? Blockage at the drain in the tank?

  • issue appears to be south of the petcock. Wondering if any common places in the carb

  • Fuel filter is blocked

  • no fuel is getting past petcock when hooked up to carb. It will get past petcock when I hook up a tube to vacuum line and suck on it.

  • Carb full of water at the base . There's drain screws on them . I had same problem with my 250zzr. Water makes the float rise so the needle won't fall to let fuel in

  • Poor vacuum somewhere?

  • Fuel pump?

  • No pump on these bikes

  • holding hand up to where the engine should be providing vacuum, not feeling anything. thoughts? line is not clogged

  • If it's not feeding fuel, how are you running it to feel for this? Even at it's best the vacuum is not going to be super strong. Which still has me questioning the petcock.

  • looking like may be a blown left cylinder. I am able to get the engine started from tank when I reroute the vacuum to the right side port.

  • Confirmed. No compression in left cylinder.